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 CA Night Life
But Saturdays it’s back to the grimy CA night life. Something happens to the CA women in the summertime; they grow sexier and become more exotic right before your eyes. All of a sudden there’s more olive skin around you. Shorter skirts and no body hair anywhere. The homegrown CA style of Jean skirts and flip flops, you know the type of girls I’m talking about, the ones that flirt with their eyes and speak with lust in their voices. Now they’re holding their gazes an extra second longer. All of a sudden I gotta have mamma son hold a reserved table for me at my favorite Dupont Circle Sushi spot every Wednesday and Thursday night. But she knows the dill by now it’s been over seven years. Always have the summertime Ciroc Vodka and Jack Daniel’s Honey stocked in the crib for the after party. Got Frank Ocean on standby on the Macbook to get the mood right (Tell me Novocain isn’t a sick track) . And no matter what be sure to tell her there’s an after part (even if there isn’t an after party). Like, “ whoops no one came but here’s my dick… hold that”

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 CA Babies
This is summer in CA. These three months to me my city is up there with the best of them in terms of talent. Don’t even get me started on the Capital Hill “skinterns” that show up in CA with hopes and dreams but seem to leave bow legged and broken hearted back to school. The influx of Eastern European lifeguards that are here to “learn English”. Asian mommies with designer handbag fetishes. Persian babies who rock them heals with the red bottoms. I could go on but you get the point, variety, spicy but most importantly open to game. Here’s the only game rule you need to know during the summer in my city, if she’s wearing a dress or a skirt, she’s trying to fuck.

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 Dating Show
Last night’s Childish Gambino show at the Black Cat was insanely great. As a man there was a piece of me that naturally wanted to hate on him. Before the show I set my expectations way low thinking most of what I’d heard before was basically good production at some guys basement. But dude completely ripped the stage at the sold out show. The show by the way sold out in two hours. The first half was him just talking and telling a couple of funny stories, but when the music set started, dude wasn’t playing. If you get a chance see him live, one of the most talented people alive, no homo, real talk.

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 Dating fashion
Fashion like most things in game, is one things that’s not needed but sure doesn’t hurt. Do you need to be in shape or have muscles to get girls, nope.. but it doesn’t hurt. Do you need a job or to have a million dollars to get girls? Fuck no (Roosh) at the same time… it doesn’t hurt. When you’ve gotten a good hold of game theory and you’ve worked on being in the best physical shape you can be in, then fashion and style is just one of many keys that can open up doors to another level. It ads depth and believability to the character and persona you’re trying to create (think G manifesto). The key to style is the perfect mixture of your personal comfort level, with what you’re wearing and your environment. If there’s no harmony between these three elements then the character and impression you’re trying to give off wont be believable. Most people can’t pull of different looks or switch up styles because they’ve become so accustomed to one easy go lucky look stepping up their fashion game takes too much thought. That 30 year old dude has been wearing cargo shorts, stripped shirt and a backwards baseball cap for the past ten years, TEN YEARS. You’d have an easier time deprograming a hostage suffering from Stockholm syndrome than getting him to suit up on a Friday night. For me it’s easy to tell if a guy is trying on a new “look” for the night. He’s fidgeting with his tie, checking his outfit to make sure everything is in place, all of this is just a distraction to his game.

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